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Bead Shop Employees and Bead Instructors

 All of our Bead Class Instructors are caring bead lovers who want to share their passion for making beaded creations. 

Here are some comments made by our students.

“Something I thought would be so challenging was easy, run and relaxing!”  – Nicole

“A good learning atmosphere – not pressured at all.”  – Sharon

“I never thought I could make beautiful jewelry. WOW!  I created awesome jewelry!”  – Marjorie

“…she teaches and still leaves room for your own creativity and special touches.  She was AWESOME!” – Kristine

“This was my first beading class and enjoyed it immensely.  With her instructions, I caught on the technique immediately.”  – Dorthy

“Very clear, knowledgeable, patient and excellent”  – Pat

“I really enjoyed this class.  Did not think I could do it and I did!” – Lisa

“So-so-so much fun!  The information and instruction was exceptional.  Made my trip well worth my time.” – Patti


Marcella Barton:  Marcella started beading as a youth, but really fell in love with it when she started working at Beauty in the Bead Shop.   One of her favorite styles is the wrapped bead bracelet and is excited to teach this class to our Bead Buddies.  Born in Alaska and lived in several places including Alabama, she has now called Whatcom County her home for over ten years.



Doris Black:  Doris never thought of herself as a creative person, but a knock in her head at work in 2012 and a month recouping brought out her creative side.  She loves to use the needle and thread and to see what she can create when putting tiny beads together.  Doris finds beading is so relaxing and enjoyable. She has lived in the small town of Concrete for 15 years with her husband and three cats. 


Megan KinmanMegan has been a weaver all her life. In the last ten years she became entranced with bead and wire weaving and has become a prolific beader. She is constantly creating new and exciting things and pushing the boundaries of her knowledge. She finds that learning is one of the greatest things in life and thinks of herself as a student even when she is teaching.



Debbie Modderman:  Debbie is from Abbotsford BC.  She is mostly a self taught artist and her love for creating and working with wire started as a hobby in 2006.  Now she is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with others teaching them what she loves to do. 



Gayle Mitterer:  Gayle is originally from Oklahoma and calls Lummi Island her home now.  She winters in Texas to be near her family.  She loves wire wrapping cabs and has been doing wire creations for several years.  Sign up for her class and lets “wrap” together.



 Criss Reynolds:  Criss is a self taught jewelry maker. Although she loves to make earrings the most, she dabbles in a bit of everything. She has been crafting for the last 17 years but has been making jewelry for over six years. She enjoys it so much she loves working at the bead shop and declares “she works for beads”. She grew up in Whatcom County and has an eye for art. Come and learn some of the basics and see what you can do!


Natalia Robinson:  Natalia firmly believes that every human being is an artist and needs only to discover their medium. Felting is the most natural expression of her creativity, as she is driven by tactile work and art.  It is truly a form of sculpting, with wool as the material. Natalia has been a felting artist and instructor since 2009 and majored in Fiber Arts at Evergreen State College in Olympia.



Patricia (Pat) Schmidt:  What began as a distraction and stress reliever during her last several years of employment with the Government soon became her obsession and passion.  Now she is finally retired and crafting unique jewelry provides for her the most rewarding creative release.   She finds beading very addicting and would love to share her joy in making jewelry with you. 



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  1. I am interested in learning how to make multi-strand bracelets. Are there any upcoming classes on basic techniques involving stringing beads on silver wire and attaching several strands to a clasp? A book or video would be fine. I live in Mount Vernon but come up to Bellingham regularly. Thanks

    1. Hi Dianne,
      If you already know how to crimp, then making multi strand bracelets is pretty easy with a multi strand clasp. For example we have two to five strand clasps. Using those clasps, then you crimp each strand to the clasp. When you come in, we can show you those clasps.

      If you don’t already know how to crimp (which is attaching the wire to your clasp), then we have a beginning class. Learn how to crimp and make a bracelet. It is $10 and we provide all the materials. It is an hour long and we do it twice a month. The next class is 10/7 Tuesday @ 6. There is another class on 10/18 Saturday @ 2. You can call our shop (360) 393-4605 to register and pay by credit card.

      I don’t have a specific book to recommend, but we have a “how to” on our website that might help.

      Thanks for your inquiry and we look forward to seeing you in our shop. Thanks and have a great day.

  2. Would like to take some classes, need to learn a few techniques, have only been doing this at home and would love to learn new stuff. Can you let me know what classes are coming up and when. Thank you.

    1. Patty, Hi. I forget to look on our website for questions, most of our comments are on Facebook. Sorry for the delay in responding. We usually have bead classes year around except for January. This year our classes will not start until the week of March 15. We are preparing to move into a much larger space in the suite next to us by March 1st. We want to get moved and all settled in before we start any classes. You can check our website: or our Facebook: for information after 3/10/15. Thanks for your interest and I hope you can find a class you would like to take. Have a good evening.

  3. I am looking for a beading instructor that will teach me how to do beading using the peyote stitch. I ama beginner and need as much help as possible. Thank you

    1. We have a great seed bead teacher and she uses peyote stitch in several of her classes. We are moving our shop next door into twice the space, so our classes won’t start up again until closer to the end of March. We will have them posted on Facebook and our website. Thanks for asking and have a great day.

  4. At your convenience, could you please send me your March class schedule. I have taken a few classes while we were camping in Ferndale and thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Would love to try another one.
    Thank you
    Colleen Day
    4238 Watling St.
    Burnaby, Bc

    1. Colleen, Thanks for your interest and we are not starting our classes until May. We had a loss of a family member last month and now we are finishing moving to a bigger space next door. Our May-June class schedule will be out by April 15th. Sorry for any inconvenience. Hope there will be some classes that will work with your camping or making a trip to Bellingham. Thanks and have a great day.

  5. Hi I’m hoping you’ll have a class on peyote stitch that will show me how to make shapes. Not three dementional but something like a flat earring shaped like an animal. I took the class with the snowflake so I can make a triangle or octogon shape but I can’t figure out how to get something like an animal shape.

    1. JoAnn, We have two seed beads teachers that have done shapes with seed beads. But they have not anything animal shaped. It is interesting idea, but I don’t think that we would have any classes like that. Have you tried Utube? Thanks for asking and I hope you have a good day.

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