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How to Helps

We have created some informational sheets or “how to” that we feel will help you in your jewelry making and beading adventures.  Please go to the different topics.  Bead Creative!


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Bead Stringing

There are lots of choices for stringing your beads besides beading wire. The first thing to consider is the size of the beads and their holes. Also, how strong and flexible should the stringing material be? Will it hold a knot? For designs, what are the colors and how much of the stringing material will …

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Crimping, etc.

How to Crimp   Position the crimp bead in the notch closest to the crimping pliers’ handle.       Separate the wires and firmly squeeze the crimp bead.     Move the crimp bead into the notch at the pliers’ tip. Squeeze the pliers, folding the bead in half at the indentation.     …

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Simple & Wrapped Loops

Simple Loop Making a simple wire loop is a great way to attach two components together. You can use this to create many different designs from bracelets, necklaces, earrings and charms. We recommend using 21 or 22 gauge wire. You will need: Round Nose Pliers, Cutters, Wire and Beads. Thread a bead onto your head …

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Simply stated, .925 Sterling Silver Scrimp findings are an innovative screw finding that takes the place of a crimp. A tiny set screw inside holds Beadalon wires securely in place. The complete Scrimp Kit contains its own screwdriver (Base metal) and six Sterling Silver Scrimp Findings with Silver Plated brass screws. Six additional screws are …

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Like most crafts, the crafter needs tools. There are lots of jewelry making tools available in price range and quality. If you are just starting out, you may want to buy an expensive kit in the economy price range to start with. Then when you find out how much you love beading, you can step …

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Beads: Before & After   Tom talks about Apatite, Lemon Chrysoprase, Fuschsite, Opal, Snowflake Obsidian, Malachite & Turquoise.   Tom talks about Chrysoprase, Black Tourmaline, Lapis and Charoite.       Tom talks about Sodalite, Labradorite, Angelite, Fire Opal & Fluorite.     Tom talks about Ocean Jasper, Red Creek Jasper, Picasso Jasper, Dalmatian Jasper, …

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Wire Guardians

Protect stringing materials from undue wear. Use Sterling Silver Wire Guardian findings to reduce abrasion from clasps and other sharp-edged components. Use Wire Guardian Findings in the same way you use French wire; the only difference is Wire Guardian findings are rigid. Gold Filled Sterling Silver Wire Guardian Findings offer 1/20 14k Gold for high …

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Wire Working

Wire Metal Types Argentium Silver: Imagine silver jewelry that rarely needs polishing. Argentium Silver is the most tarnish resistant silver available today. Made with a touch of germanium that severely inhibits tarnish, Argentium sterling is never less than 93% silver. Germanium is the “Magic” ingredient in Argentium Silver. It was invented by master silversmith, Peter …

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