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Like most crafts, the crafter needs tools. There are lots of jewelry making tools available in price range and quality. If you are just starting out, you may want to buy an expensive kit in the economy price range to start with. Then when you find out how much you love beading, you can step up to better tools.

We recommend that you buy the best tools that you feel you can afford and start off with the flush cutters and round nose pliers.

Recommended basic tools for basic bead stringing: bead board or mat, cutters, crimpers and chain nose pliers.

Recommended basic tools for wire working: flush cutters, chain nose plies, round nose pliers and nylon jaw pliers. We recommend have two pairs of pliers and bent nose pliers are very useful getting into places that might be more difficult with the chain nose pliers.

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For cutting regular wire you could start with a basic side cutter. But the preferred cutter is the flush cutter because it leaves a smoother and more even end on the wire. Don’t use the wire cutters for Memory Wire, because it is hardened steel and will ruin your wire cutters. Flush Cutters are essential …


Pliers   Chain Nose Pliers are great for closing Bead Tips and crimping in tight places. Tapered tips, smooth jaws, and slightly rounded edges allow accurate crimping, shaping, and bending. A good tool for use with wire and for wire wrapping. Box joint, double leaf with spring construction .   Bent Chain Nose Pliers are …

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