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Make Your Own!

Sit, String and We Will Finish Your Bling!

Have you wanted to make and design your own jewelry, but don’t know how to do it?  Then our Sit, String and We Will Finish Your Bling project may be a perfect opportunity for you.  No experience is necessary.  At our shop, you can do the following:

  • Pick out the beads for your necklace or bracelet.
  • Pay for your beads along with the $5 charge, per piece, for us to provide the other supplies and finish your piece.
  • Sit down at our Bead Bar and using a design board, lay out your beads into the design you want.
  • Once you have your design selected, string the beads onto the beading wire or stretch magic.
  • Pick out a clasp from our selection of toggles or lobster claws and we will finish the piece for you.
  • Walk away with your own designed piece of jewelry that you can enjoy and have a sense of accomplishment.


Conditions and Information:

  • The $5 charge is for the wire, findings to finish the piece, a clasp and our labor. We have a nice selection of basic toggles and lobster claws for you to choose from.  If you want another clasp, you can buy it and we will use that clasp to finish your piece.  You can get a $1 credit towards the cost of the other clasp since you are not using one from our selection.
  • This opportunity is available any day of the week during business hours. But you should have your piece designed, strung on the wire and ready for us to finish a half hour before closing, so we can close on time.
  • This project is for single strand necklaces and bracelets only. No multi strands. 
  • If you buy any strands, once you cut them you cannot exchange them.
  • The goal is for you to design you own piece and string it on the wire. If you have design questions, we will do our best to answer them depending on how busy the shop is. 

Any questions, please call (360) 393-4605.


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