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Crimping, etc.

How to Crimp


Position the crimp bead in the notch closest to the crimping pliers’ handle.




Separate the wires and firmly squeeze the crimp bead.



Move the crimp bead into the notch at the pliers’ tip. Squeeze the pliers, folding the bead in half at the indentation.




The flattened crimp.



Crimp Tube Sizes

Size MM

#1 1.3mm

#2 1.5mm

#3 1.8mm

#4 2.0mm

Crimp Bead Sizes

Size MM

#0 0.8mm

#1 1.3mm

#2 1.5mm

#3 1.8mm

Crimp Bead Size Wire Diameter Crimp Tool

#0 .010″-.013. (.25-.33mm) Micro

#1 .010″-.21″ (.25-.42mm) Micro

#2 .024″-.026 (.60-66mm) Standard

#3 .024″-.036″ (.60-91mm) Mighty

Crimp Tube Size Wire Diameter Crimp Tool

#1 .010″-.013″ (25-33mm) Micro

#2 .013″-.024″ (.33-.61mm) Standard

#3 .024″-.026″ (.60-.66mm) Standard

#4 .026″-.036″ (.66-.91mm) Mighty



Micro Crimper

Never fumble closing tiny crimps again! The Micro Crimper is the right tool for securing #1 Crimp Tubes and sizes #0 and #1 Crimp Beads. Use one firm squeeze to crimp with the inner-position grooves, then use the outer-position grooves to round off the crimp. The jaw grooves are comparably smaller to make a dependable closure on smaller crimp findings.


Standard Crimper

Close and secure Crimp Beads and Crimp Tubes with this easy-to-use hand tool. Inner-position grooves Crimp Beads and Tubes tightly closed with one firm grip; outer-position grooves round off edges on Crimp Beads for a smooth, professional result. Use with #1 and #2 Crimp Beads or #2 Crimp Tubes.



Mighty Crimper

Secure larger #3 (1.8mm) Crimp Beads or Crimp Tubes with this specially sized crimper tool. Larger surface area provides a full crimp on bigger components without compromising the professional, finished look.



Dual Crimper (Euro)

The Dual Crimper incorporates two medium crimping cavities to fit all of the crimp tubes and beads within the medium range, each cavity is slightly larger (or smaller) than the other to give the user the ability to tighten the crimp properly. Use with Beadalon #1 and #2 Crimp Beads or #2 and #3 Crimp Tubes, as well as other non-standard crimp bead and tube sizes.


Which Crimper to use with Crimp and Wire Sizes










Crimp Covers

Crimp covers hide a crimp tube or bead and give a professional finish. To attach, gently hold a crimp cover in the front notch of the crimping pliers.


Insert the crimped tube and gently squeeze the pliers. While you are doing this, you should also watch that the crimp cover is not closing lopsided. If it is, you can correct it by moving your tool to squeeze it a little in the opposite direction.


Then finish squeezing the crimp cover encasing the tube inside the cover.


Crimp Cover Suggestion

Tiny crimp covers are slippery. To control them, try making a long loop of fine thread, wrap the loop around some fingers and use your index finger and thumb to pinch the thread tightly up against the crimp cover, which you have draped over the front end of the loop. Maintain the tension. Now push the cover over the crimp and close it. If the fit is too tight to withdraw the thread holding the cover, just trim it closely and leave it there.

Crimp Cover For What Size of Crimps

The 3mm size works best over small crimp beads and tubes including 2x2mm.

The 4mm is best to use for covering crimps larger than 2x2mm crimp tube.

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  1. I am making Fitbit bling – a metal slider with plastic cord held together with a tiny crimp bead. What is the smallest size crimp bead? I am looking for more and do not know what size to search for.

    Thank you

    1. The smallest size crimp tube we have is 1.5mm x 1.5mm. There could be smaller crimp beads, but I’m not sure since we only sell tubes. Hope this is some help. Have a great day.

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