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Chain Nose Pliers are great for closing Bead Tips and crimping in tight places. Tapered tips, smooth jaws, and slightly rounded edges allow accurate crimping, shaping, and bending. A good tool for use with wire and for wire wrapping. Box joint, double leaf with spring construction .


Bent Chain Nose Pliers are used to form wire, close Bead Tips, flatten Sterling Twist Crimps, and attach findings. The bent nose allows for a different angle to ease wire forming. A good choice for all jewelry making applications. Box joint and double leaf with spring construction.


Wire Looping Pliers have a top jaw with three sizes to help create a wide variety of loop sizes. The concave lower jaw helps form round rings or curves in wire. Ideal for use with wire, wire wrapping and for closing Remembrance and Plated Steel Memory Wire Ends. Box joint construction.


Flat Nose Pliers are designed for making sharp bends and right angles in soft wire. They can also grip flat objects, and work well for straightening bent wire. Box joint construction for dependable use and smooth operation .



Flat/Round Pliers combine Round Nose Pliers with Flat Nose Pliers in a unique, multipurpose tool. It’s like two tools in one. Exceptionally versatile wire forming pliers, use it to create circles, angles, and distinctive wire forms. Use with German Style Wire and other soft-tempered wires. Sturdy box joint and double leaf spring construction.


Combo Pliers are great for use with wire! Combo pliers have a round nose pliers tip, chain nose pliers jaws, and an interior soft wire cutter – what a convenient addition to your toolbox. Form, shape, and cut soft wire with a single tool. Box joint construction.



Nylon Jaw Pliers have soft plastic jaws that will not blemish or scratch soft wire or delicate objects being handled. You can get replacement plastic jaws. Ideal for working with wire wrapped jewelry and beads.

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